The installation Soil in my Pocket will open at EYE Filminstitute at February 14 and will run till March 7  2017.


The première is part of the EYE on art programme with a Q&A on Soil in my Pocket by film critic Anna Abrahams.


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In the fall of 2016 we will be researching in the archive of EYE Film Institute. We are looking for films on migration from Amsterdam to the South, in early 1900. With the Koninklijke Hollandsche Lloyd many migrants left via the IJ water to South America. Leaving everything behind in Europe, hoping to find a brighter future elsewhere.

It will be a multiscreen installation, both at the outside of the impressive EYE building, along the IJ water as well as at the inside glass facade, overlooking the IJ water. The installation will run from February 14 – March 7 2017.

We will collaborate with Miek Zwamborn (text), Peter Claassen (video editing), Lumen Film (production). With the support of the Mondriaan Fund and the Amsterdam Fund of the Arts.



     2014 Proposal bronze relief portrait of the king

 beeltenis_van_de_koning_EH.jpg AFK.jpg


EYE filmmuseum This project is in tight cooperation with Judith Quax.
Past and present were intertwined in a one time projection on a passing cruise ship on Amsterdam’s IJ waterfront.
We projected archive images onto a passing cruise ship: of migrants who left Amsterdam by the IJ water for South America hundred years ago. With this project the subject of migration is being presented in a new light.
The projection will only be visible as the ship sails into view, allowing past and present to intertwine.


Amsterdam Migrates thumb


THE BIG SHIFT Is the title of my exposition at Heden The Hague. It will contain: sculptures, photographs and an installation. The opening is on friday may 03. The exhibition will run untill june 15.


                                                  Taalveld 2012



JAVA Heden (The Hague based art institute) invited me for a three months artist in residence programme. I will work at the Cemeti Art House in Yogyakarta from September 1 till December 1, 2012.


                                 The potential to reach further 2012

My sculpture titled BURLAP (see below) will be presented at "Boundless".
The exhibition shows cross-pollination of traditional graphic techniques with 3D printing, digital photography and ceramic methods. It is a multi-year programme in which artists and designers explore the spatial boundaries of graphics. The exhibition runs from 06/09/2012 until 19/10/2012   at CBK Amsterdam.



 DAKAR Senegal The multimedia installation "immigration clandestine" (in collaboration with visual artist Judith Quax) will be presented at Dak’art Biennale at the French institute in Dakar, Senegal, May-June 2012. On the tree by the entrance of the Institute, the passer-by sees a continuous, steady stream of names of African men, moving up the trunk and branches. Around the same imposing tree, the passer-by hears the sound of the surf of the West African ocean, which gradually blends into a recording of immigrants singing, mourning the passing of one who was lost. Cause and effect follow each other in a fitting and poetic way. Both image and sound emphasise the continuity of the phenomenon that is immigration.

                            Immigration clandestine 2012

My book HAPHAZARD published in 2010 and tied up with the exhibition with the same name in museum De Pont, Tilburg (NL) is sold out. From the special edition published by Timmer Art Books are only some copies available see


MARTIN PARR selected HAPHAZARD in his top ten of photobooks 2010 for photo-eye and wrote: This Dutch sculptor has produced a scrapbook of the various object arrangements he has encountered that have inspired his work. Fantastic production with a unique binding. Another Dutch masterwork, demonstrating that they are on top of the game when it comes to photobooks.